Exhibitor List

YEONJIN S-Tech Corporation

2020-07-10 09:46

Company Name YEONJIN S-Tech Corporation
Address 21, Gomdallea-ro 30-gil, Gangseo-gu,
Seoul, Rep. of Korea
Industy Type Physico-chemical analysis
International trade,
Materials property testing services
Exihibit Items Battery ARC
(Accelerating Rate Calorimeter)
Website https://www.yeonjin.com/

Company Profile

YEONJIN S-Tech is the exclusive agent in Korea of Thermal Hazard Technology (THT, UK), who
specializes in Accelerating Rate Calorimeter (ARC). Particularly, EV+ ARC (45 cm x 50 cm) of
THT is designed to precisely measure the thermal stability of the lithium ion secondary battery
module and high capacity battery. Also, it calculates the self-heating exotherm temperature by
charging and discharging.

YEONJIN S-Tech manufactures and sells High Precision Material Properties Analyzer, which
measures ball probe tack, peel-off strength, adhesive force of battery active substance, surface
tension, tensile / compressive strength and stress relaxation.

Product Profile

Product Picture Product Description
ARC is the accelerating rate calorimeter designed to
measure the thermal stability of various sizes of
batteries in an adiabatic environment. It operates on
the automatic Heat-Wait-Seek principle.
ARC does accurately measure both the self-heating
temperature and the exothermic runaway temperature
with a sensitivity of 0.001 °C/min.