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Tektronix Korea Ltd.

2020-07-10 10:04

Company Name Tektronix Korea Ltd.
Address 704,(Asem Tower, Samseong-dong), 517, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Industy Type Electrical & Electronic, Test & Measurement
Exihibit Items Electrometer, SMU, Digital Multimeter etc
Website kr.tek.com

Company Profile

Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, Tektronix delivers innovative, precise, and easy-to-operate test, measurement and monitoring solutions that solve problems, unlock insights, and drive discovery. Tektronix has been at the forefront of the digital age for over 70 years.

Product Profile

Product Picture Product Description

Product Name: High Resistance/Low current Electrometer 6500 series (6517B)

Offer 1fA sensitivity, >200TΩ input impedance on voltage measurements, and charge measurements down to 10fC

Its low noise and drift performance make it ideal for research on single electron devices, highly resistive nanowires and nanotubes, polymers, and electrochemical applications

Product Name: SMU 2400 series (2410, 2470)

 Offer four-quadrant precision voltage and current source/load coupled with measurement now on a touchscreen user interface

 Can simultaneously source and measure current from 10 fA to 10 A pulse and/or voltage from 100nV to 1100V, for 1000W pulse and 100W DC total power.

Product Name: Digital Multimeter DMM 7510 (7510)

 The first graphical sampling multimeter that combines a precision, high-resolution digital multimeter (DMM), graphical touchscreen display, and high-speed, high-resolution digitizer

 With pA-level sensitivity and 1Msample/s sampling, it accurately measures ultra-low sleep mode currents and transmit drain currents from wireless devices

Product Name: Data Acquisition and logging multimeter system DAQ 6510

Two slot, 80-channel capacity

6½-digit DMM for precision measurement

Touchscreen display to simplify setup, monitoring, and data analysis

Product Name: Parameter Analyzer 4200A-SCS

Accelerate research, reliability and failure analysis studies of semiconductor devices, materials and process development

Delivers synchronizing current-voltage (I-V), capacitance-voltage (C-V) and ultra-fast pulsed I-V measurements.