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Sun Kwang Brazing Filler Metal Co., Ltd

2020-07-10 10:10

Company Name Sun Kwang Brazing Filler Metal Co., Ltd
Address GeumHwaBong-Gil 52, SInbuk-Myun, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-Do, R-Korea, 11136
Industy Type manufacturing
Exihibit Items Brazing Filler Metal
Website www.brazing.co.kr

Company Profile

Sun Kwang Brazing Filler Metal Co., Ltd is one of leading manufacturers of Aluminum filler metals for brazing industry and now producing not only normal aluminum filler metals, but also special filler metals for joining dissimilar metals. We have recently developed special rolling sheet used for battery cooler brazing of electric vehicle.

We “ Sun Kwang” promise to actively contribute to the electric battery market by developing more usable materials, in line with the global trend of electric vehicle development.

Product Profile

Product Picture Product Description

Our SKA Series contain non-corrosive flux in the metal, and with its unique patented technique, it provides solution for many existing problems that occurs during brazing process.

SU-TC150 Rolling sheet is a newly developed brazing material that has been customized for recent trend of electric battery market, and it is highly praised by international electric battery manufacturers these days.