Exhibitor List

Mainsail Mecantile Co., Ltd

2020-07-10 10:35

Company Name Mainsail Mecantile Co., Ltd
Address 6F, Eyeon Bldg., 296, Tojeong-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 04165, Korea
Industy Type Renewable market, EV market
Exihibit Items DC contactor
Website www.mainsail.co.kr

Company Profile

We have been very specialized in importing and distributing electrical power components in Korea since 1978.
Currently we represent more than 20 foreign manufacturers like USCi(USA), APEX(USA), WESTCODE(UK),PULS (Germany), EATON(USA), SCHALTBAU(Germany), IXYS(USA), LEACH(France), etc.

We has major accounts like LGE, HYOSUNG, SK INNOVATION, LS ELECTRIC, SAMSUNG, HMC, POSCON, etc and owes also to the customers tendency purchasing everything available from the same source under one package.

Product Profile

Product Picture Product Description

1500 V on 146.2 x 81.0 x 89.7 mm

Making capacity Icm up to 2,500 A, bistable design available

Conventional thermal current Ith up to 500 A

Short-time current-carrying capacity Icw up to 3,000 A (1s)

Reliable disconnection of high power ranges; full bidirectionality

Use in energy technology and electromobility

Auxiliary switch with mirror contact function

Conventional thermal current: 600 A/ 1,200 A/ 2,000 A

Nominal voltage: 1,5 kV, 3 kV

Double-break contacts

1 pole versions

170M1833 (1000V/500A)

170M1813 (1000V/250A)

170M7595 (1200V/2500A)

BSF-400G-NH310 (1000V/400A)

BSF-500G-3XL15 (1500V/500A)

CBMG-3000 (1500V/3000A)

170M2043 (2000V/400A)