Exhibitor List

Mintech Co., Ltd.

2020-07-15 15:44

Company Name Mintech Co., Ltd.
Address 2F, 36 Techno 6-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
Industy Type Electric Vehicle Battery
Battery Inspection System
Exihibit Items Battery Diagnostic System
Reuse Battery System
Website www.g-mintech.co.kr

Company Profile

MinTech is a venture company founded in June 2015, shaped by the vision of "Challenges and Contributions for Innovation and Growth in the Battery and Energy Storage System Industries". As a result of its experience in the design, development and mass production of lithium secondary batteries, our specialists equipped with the ability to implement electrochemical-based battery analysis methods and diagnostic algorithms continue to develop battery diagnostic solutions. These battery diagnostic solutions can be extended and applied to electric vehicle battery diagnostic systems, ESS diagnostic systems, redox flow battery diagnostic systems, and fuel cell diagnostic systems. We are now the world's leading company in the battery diagnostic solution and high-voltage impedance analyzer fields.

Product Profile

Product Picture Product Description

MinTech uses its own battery diagnostic solution to inspect, diagnose, and classify used batteries from electric vehicles. Utilizing these technologies, we provide the optimum reusable battery energy storage system that meets customer needs.

By utilizing a high-voltage AC impedance analyzer, the AC impedance of a high-voltage electric vehicle battery, an energy storage system (ESS), and the fuel cell stack can be measured (which up until now have been unable to measure), and the equivalent circuit can be analyzed. The results of the AC impedance and the analyzed data can be used to perform useful analysis as the indicators of product process management, quality management, and testing the inspection/diagnosis of industrial sites for the basic research and development of high-voltage electrochemical devices.