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Embassy of Canada to Korea

2020-09-07 15:25

Company Name Embassy of Canada to Korea
Address 21 Jeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
Industy Type Government
Exihibit Items Ecosystem of the Battery Industry in Canada
Website www.canadainternational.gc.ca/korea-coree

Company Profile

Part of Global Affairs Canada, the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) is a global network of more than 1,000 trade professionals working in Canadian embassies, high commissions, and consulates located in over 160 cities around the world, promoting international trade and investment for the prosperity of the Canadian and the global economy.

The TCS at the Embassy of Canada to Korea offers assistance to Korean companies looking to 1) source Canadian products, services, and technologies 2) develop innovation and R&D partnerships and 3) make direct investment to establish business operations, such as manufacturing facilities, R&D labs, and offices, in Canada.

For Canadian businesses, the TCS offers four key services which are designed to support the growth of Canadian companies internationally. The four key services are 1) promoting Canadian companies for international markets 2) providing an assessment of the company’s potential in a target market through the use of market intelligence and providing advice on market strategies 3) finding qualified contacts, and 4) resolving problems and business challenges.

For inquiries on:

Investment - Kevin Jo (02-3783-6084; Kevin.Jo@international.gc.ca)

Innovation - Hyun Ju Lim (02-3783-6056); Hyunju.Lim@international.gc.ca)

Business Development - Hyon Ju Yi (02-3783-6062; Hyonju.Yi@international.gc.ca)

Product Profile

Product Picture Product Description

Canadian companies in the InterBattery Technical Session

· American Manganese (www.americanmanganeseinc.com) : Li-ion battery recycling; critical mineral recovery

· Calogy Solutions (www.calogysolutions.com) : Battery thermal management (TMS)

· GBatteries Energy Canada (www.gbatteries.com) : Ultra-fast charging of Li-ion batteries without compromising life cycle

· Hypertronic Technologie (www.hypertronic.ca) : Modular battery module and BMS platform; versatile battery charger platform; intelligent overcurrent protector with supervision

· Li-Cycle (www.li-cycle.com) : Material recovery from Li-ion batteries, production of battery-grade chemicals

· Lithion Recycling (www.lithionrecycling.com) : Li-ion battery recycling; extracting strategic and valuable metals contained in these batteries; reuse these materials in battery manufacturing

· National Research Council Canada (www.nrc.canada.ca) : Solid-state batteries; degradation mechanisms including battery state of health and state of charge; end-of-life Li-ion batteries: reuse and recycling; LiBTec, the industrial R&D group in Li-ion battery; Performance and abuse testing of cells, modules and packs

· Nouveau Monde Graphite (www.NouveauMonde.ca) : Carbon neutral extraction of natural graphite; production of graphite concentrate for traditional markets and development of value-added products, including anode material for niche markets.

· Polar Sapphire (www.polarsapphire.com) : Manufacturing of high purity alumina mainly for Li-ion battery separators and sapphire for LEDs and many others.