[NOTICE] Pre-registration for group visitor is now available

2017-08-01 16:45

Group registration is available for companies or their appointed agencies with a minimum of 5 participants. If applicable, please complete the group registration form and return the form to the secretariat via email at

With this pre-registration, you can gain entry to all 6 exhibitions- Korea Smart Grid Expo, InterBattery, Seoul International Electric Fair/ Power Generation Korea, EV Seoul, Re Green, EV Engineering & Testing.

You can get the entrance badge at the 'Group registration' desk. The registration desk is located in front of the exhibition hall B. In case of students and general visitors, badge will be provided only for the leader. If not, all participants will get the badges.(In case of industry professionals, officials etc.)

※ No additional online registration process is required for the group registration.
※ Group registration is due on September 23rd. Please submit the form before the deadline.


Brochure for manufacturers can be received via email or post once requested.


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