[EnergyPlus 2015] FREE Seminar Room Application

2015-09-23 13:16
Greetings from Energy Plus 2015(InterBattery, Korea Smart Grid Expo, EV Seoul) Secretariat.

For more effective brand promotion and business, Energy Plus set up FREE Seminar Room in the exhibition hall for exhibitors. Please use the opporunity to deliever detailed information on your company and product that is not enough to show in your booth.  The Seminar room application is available for exhibitors of Energy Plus ONLY.  


Oct. 20-22, 2015 (3 days)


In Hall A (Capacity: 80 seats) 


The following equipment will be provided:

Beam projector, screen and two sets of wired microphone

Note: Only venue and equipment for seminar are provided, it is exhibitor’s responsibility to attract attendees for the seminar.


Any themes related Energy Plus content, including information on new technologies, products and technological trends.

◎ Timetable

Each seminar should last 50 minutes per exhibitor.

◎ Additional Application:

Depending on space availability, extra applications may be accepted.

◎How to Apply

Exhibitors who wish to hold presentations/seminars are required to submit Application for Seminar to the secretariat. Seminar rooms and times will be allocated in the order in which applications are received. Application is first come, first-served basis and, application will no longer be accepted after all of the scheduled session are filled.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Energy Plus secretariat.

Thank you.


Brochure for manufacturers can be received via email or post once requested.


Industry’s newest trends can be received each month upon the request for monthly newsletters.