LG Chem to display cutting edge battery at ‘InterBattery 2014’

2015-03-12 14:24

LG Chem to display cutting edge battery at ‘InterBattery 2014’

LG Chem showcased its latest state-of-art batteries at ‘InterBattery 2014’ Korea’s biggest technical show for battery industry scheduled to run for three days from Oct. 14 to 16 at COEX, Samseong-dong in Seoul.

In the latest exhibition LG Chem divided its booth into three sections: mobile, automobile and energy storage. The booth displayed batteries of various types and sizes from subminiature ones to medium- and large sized ones. LG Chem also presented various devices related to the three above mentioned section to help one to get a good grasp of the present and the future.

Under the concept ‘Battery, the Hero at the Heart of the City’ the booth introduced how much battery contributes to making one’s life smart and dynamic. It starts with one waking up in the morning to wear a smart watch, then ride on an electric bicycle to go to work. The workplace is a building installed with BESS (Battery Energy Storage System). When one returns home, will start cleaning the house with wireless vacuum cleaner among other things.

The mobile section showcased subminiature polymer made to fit miniature wearable materials and future-oriented batteries ‘Stepped Battery,’ ‘Curved Battery’ and ‘Cable Battery’ that could pile up, curve and coil around. The batteries were presented along with applicable devices. LG Chem also presented electricity power-driven batteries that use power source of electric bicycle as well as batteries for machine tools, cleaning tool, garden tool and other diverse products of non-IT field which has emerged as a new market for lithium battery.

In the automobile section, green cars such as Hyundai Motor’s Grandeur Hybrid and GM’s SparkEV were displayed together with all types of electric cart while energy storage section unveiled various forms of BESS, giving a good preview of technology that could heighten the energy efficiency both within the house and an entire network via battery.

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