Seoul Tour Guide



▣ Websites for Seoul Tour Information


2. The Official Website for Traveling in Seoul (Chinese)

3. Visitseoul Weibo

4. Visitseoul Facebook

5. Visitseoul Seoul Tour Promotional Video

▣ New Seoul Tour Services

1. Discover Seoul Pass
1 Discover Seoul Pass provides rechargeable public transportation card and admission tickets to renowned tourist spots provided within the given time period.
(4 Castles, Seoul N Tower, Trick-eye Museum, Grevin Museum, Leeum Samsung Art Gallery, MBC World and etc.)
-16 Sites within 24 hours (39,900 KRW)
-22 Sites within 48 hours (55,000 KRW)
-Public transportation card can be recharged and reused even when the allotted time is up.
-The pass may be purchased at the following locations: Hana Bank Exchange Booth on the 1st floor of Incheon International Airport, CU Convenience Store / Online purchase at One More Trip Website

2. One More Trip
Open market for gifts for tourists
Seoul’s themed tourist items may be purchased online.
(ex. Soju-Beer Tasting, Traditional Korean House Café, Traditional Korean Attire Experience, Discover Seoul Pass Card and etc.)



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