Visa Application


▣ Visa Application

The InterBattery Secretariat offers personalized invitation letters to exhibitors who need to apply for a Korean entry visa. Invitation letters are provided only after a full background check of the exhibiting company is made and 100% of exhibition and utility payments have been processed.

Please note:

– Beyond the provision of letters of invitation, InterBattery is not responsible for the visa application of the exhibitor. Exhibitors are advised to directly contact their local Korean embassy for all questions related specifically to visas and other immigration policies.

– InterBattery does not offer invitation letters to visitors, buyers, delegations, or exhibiting companies that do not pass the background check or complete full payment of booth and utility fees.

For more information about exhibitor invitation letters, please contact:

InterBattery Secretariat

Tel: +82-2-6000-1393
Fax: +82-2-6944-8309


Brochure for manufacturers can be received via email or post once requested.


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