About InterBattery 2022


Korea’s Leading Battery Exhibition, InterBattery 2022

InterBattery 2022, first launched in 2013 in Seoul, Korea, is Korea’s leading battery exhibition showcasing various new products and technologies related to battery industry.
Running concurrently as a part of ‘Energy Plus’, it attracts over 900 domestic and overseas exhibitors and 1,500 booths! InterBattery 2022 has served itself as an exclusive business platform showing battery industry’s forthcoming prospects since its first launch.
Discover Your Opportunity by Broadening Your Perspective and Relationship at InterBattery 2022!

  • Title

    InterBattery 2022

  • Venue

    Coex Hall A

  • Date

    2022.3.17(THU) ~ 3.19(Sat)

  • Scale

    200 Companies / 30,000 Buyers

  • Host

    Korea Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy

  • Organizers

    Korea Battery Industry Association, Coex

  • Concurrent Events

    The Battery Conference, 1:1 Biz-Matching, Networking Night, Seoul Tour

  • Co-located Events

    Energy Plus (Scale: 900 Companies 1,500 Booths)

Why InterBattery 2022

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    Do not miss a great opportunity to network with industry professionals at InterBattery 2018, held as a part of 5 combined event, Energy Plus 2018!

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    Discover your new business opportunities by networking with the most promising global battery companies including LG Chem and Samsung SDI!

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    Trend &

    Gain new insights and share your innovative ideas on the future of battery technologies and products from the Battery Conference! Network and build global partnerships at free-to-attend Networking Night!

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    Market your company products and services by using our various on-site and off-site promotional channels! Showcase your new products or technologies at a New Product Showcase Pavilion!

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    Make the most of your participation experience by receiving all the benefits and services provided to overseas exhibitors and buyers!

  • Rechargeable

    Lithium-ion Battery, Nickel Cadmium Battery, Air Cell, Energy Storage System, Nickel Metal Hydride Battery, Other Rechargeable Batteries/Storage Technologies

  • Capacitor

    Electric Double-Layer Capacitor, Hybrid Capacitor, Electrolytic Capacitor, Lithium-ion Capacitor, Redox Capacitor, Other Capacitors

  • Materials

    Positive Electrode Material, Negative Electrode Material, Electrolyte, Separator, Current Collector, Pressure Vent, Insulation Tube, Activated Carbon, Ionic Liquid, Hydrogen Absorbing Alloy

  • Manufacturing

    Electrode Manufacturing Equipment, Mixing Machine, Coating Equipment, CVD Equipment, Drying Equipment, Pressing Machine, Slitter/Cutter/Stamping Equipment, Winding Machine, Assembling Machine, Insulator

  • Test/

    Charge/Discharge Test Equipment, Impedance Measuring Equipment, Filling Measuring Equipment, Insulation Tester, Life Tester, Deterioration Test Equipment, Safety Evaluation Equipment

  • Others

    EV Battery / Application, Dry Room/Humidity Regulator, Battery Case, AC/DC Converter, Transformer, Electric Breaker

  • Special Pavilion

    Equipment, LEV, Next Generation Battery, Recycling Battery, etc