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Q1. What is the difference between a space-only, shell scheme and premium booth?

The show organizer is responsible for the design and construction of shell scheme and premium booths, while the exhibitor is fully responsible for the design and construction of a space-only booth. Only the exhibition space is offered for a space-only booth.

For shell scheme and premimum booths, the booth structure, fascia board, floor carpeting, 1 set of information desk and chair, spotlights, 1kW electricity and 2 electrical outlets are provided .

Q2. What should the exhibitors prepare for other than booth set-up?

Training the staff crew that will operate your booth during the show period is one of the most important preparation stages. Technically, the exhibiting company’s sales or marketing manager should be responsible for the booth operation and should be in charge of making sales leads at the show. However, if such representative is unavailable, it is important for the booth staff to know your company’s profile, exhibit items and other key information so that they could properly consult visitors at your booth.

Other than the exhibit items, it would be good to prepare decorations for your booth, including catalogs, booth interiors, business cards, furniture, etc. For shell scheme exhibitors, if there are any damages made to the booth through the exhibitor’s use of nails, non-removable adhesive glues, etc., the exhibitor is fully responsible for the cost and repairing of the damages made. In order to avoid this issue, we advist the use of “S-shaped hooks” and wires to hang decorations at your booth.

Q3. For space-only booth design and construction, is it only possible to work with contractors registered with Coex?

Yes, please download the registered contractor list found on Coex’s website. It is mandatory for all space-only exhibitors participating at any of Coex’s events to work with the registered contractors, who have worked with Coex for several years and understand the safety regulations the venue strictly applies. Please find one of the registered contractors to work with your booth design and construction for the event.
However, if it is mandatory for an exhibitor to work with a contractor that is not registered with Coex, please note that it is then required for the exhibitor to submit details and drawings of the booth, as well as the list of workers that will be entering the exhibition halls to work on your booth construction. Please note that the inconveniences that may arise from this issue is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Q4. What is the process for entering exhibit items to the exhibition hall?

During the set-up period, there will be a security guard located at the entrance door of the exhibition hall. Please inform the security guard of your exhibitor name. If you are bringing in any dangerous goods, there needs to be a separate application form filled for these items to enter the exhibition hall.

Q5. What is the process for exiting exhibit items and booth dismantling after the exhibition is over?

All exhibit items need to be checked and approved by the organizer to exit the exhibition halls. For the approval, please submit a separate application form for taking out your exhibit items. This process is required to prevent any theft or loss of your exhibit items. All exhibitors must fill out these exit forms handed out during the show period, and receive the approval stamp from the show organizer to show the security guard at the exit before leaving the exhibition hall.

Receive exit forms at the organizer’s office → Complete the exit form → Receive the approval stamp from the organizer → Show the approved exit form and exhibit items to the security guard at the exit→ Leave the exhibition hall

Q6. What should I do in case there is any theft or loss of our exhibit or personal items at the show?

Security service is available during the show period as well as during the set-up and dismantling periods. However, the exhibitor is responsible for any theft or loss that may occur within the exhibition hall. Thus, we advise the exhibitors to take additional care of valuable items, including cameras, laptops, etc.)It is also advised to take additional caution by getting insurance during the show period.

Q7. Is it possible to add/remove one of the panels for the shell scheme booth?

Adding or removing any parts of the shell scheme booth is a structural issue that needs to be discussed in detail with the organizer and the shell scheme contractor. Additional cost may apply.

Q8. Is it possible to add our logo on the shell scheme’s fascia board?

The fascia board only provides exhibitor name written in text. However, if you would like to add your logo and other images that may add to your brand image representation, it needs to be discussed with the organizer first. Additional cost my apply.

Logo and CI image file must be provided in ai format (jpg, png, gif are not accepted.)

Q9. When will electricity be available?

Electricity will become available after 4pm on the second day of the set-up period (one day before the show opening). However, there may be some delay as electricity will only come on after all construction of booths are complete for safety issues. We kindly ask for all exhibitors to cooperate to complete their construction as soon as possible.

Q10. Will the visitor database be provided?

The entire visitor database that attend the show will not be provided due to intellectual property and personal information rights. If an exhibitor would like to have database of those visitors that specifically visit their booth, please order “visitor registration system” found on the additional utilities application form. The database provided through this program is only of those that visited the exhibitor’s booth and agreed to sharing their personal information.

Q11. What is the entrance fee for visitors?

Visitor registration fee is 10,000 KRW per person. For exhibitors, we will provide free invitations four weeks before the show opening. Please distribute these invitations to your partners, customers, etc.

Q1. How can I register to attend InterBattery 2024?

Pre-registration through Online Visit Pre-registration page on Website and process the registration. After you complete the registration, you can download the registration confirmation QR Code on your account. At the show site, please scan this QR Code at the registration desk to print your entrance pass.

Q2. Can I visit InterBattery 2024 without pre-registering online?

Yes, if you miss the online pre-registration period, it is possible to purchase tickets when you arrive at the show site. The ticket is 10,000 KRW per person.

Q3. I would like to register as a group. Is group registration available?

Yes, please download the group registration form found below. These forms can be submitted via email .

Q4. How can I receive free invitations?

Invitations are given to exhibitors to distribute to their own needs. The organizer does not send invitations to individual visitors. Please pre-register online or purchase entrance tickets at the show site.