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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific Korea participated in Interbattery 2023 for the second time following Interbattery 2022, introducing next-generation analytical solutions for lithium battery materials development and manufacturing innovation. In particular, we wanted to introduce more than 1,200 customers who visited our booth to analysis methods suitable for research to improve battery performance and inform them of our mission to help Korean companies leading the future energy era continue to innovate in the rapidly changing battery technology competition. We wish for unlimited growth of Interbattery, the largest exhibition in Korea that looks at the future of the secondary battery industry at home and abroad, and we hope to work with Interbattery to help more customers research and develop next year, from laboratories to production lines.

Green Power Co., Ltd

Amid the rapid growth of the battery industry due to the increasing demand for electric vehicles, internal and external interest in our battery test system equipment was also hot. Due to the exhaustion of more than 1,000 brochures, it can be estimated that more than 1,000 people visited our booth, which was a very successful exhibition, up about 350% this year based on visitors to the booth in 2022. No one can deny that battery-related technology is led by Korean companies worldwide, and we will be reborn as a technology-specific company based on the exclusive technology of battery test system equipment, and we will also become a turning point to become a global company starting from next year's Interbattery Exhibition.


Samik participated in the exhibition for the first time for three days from March 15, 2023, and despite the limitations of the booth location, the total number of visitors to our booth was around 1,525 and in particular, about 950 SNS customers were secured, which was the largest number of customers ever. About 87% of our customers were office workers, and about 40% of them were engaged in secondary batteries, followed by automobiles. Design officials accounted for the largest number of customer jobs at about 41%, and more than 46% of them were unrecognized and named, which was able to maximize the effect of promoting the exhibition to unrecognized customers. Customers said they visited to obtain information on new products and new technologies, and those who visited Samik booth said they were most impressed with the composition of the exhibits. As a major achievement, about 80% of all customers who visited our booth were willing to buy Samik products, followed by about 26% of the LM system and 20% of the transfer robots. More than half of the customers who wanted to buy, 67% of them, wanted to buy less than 100 million won, and when combined with the customer's willingness to buy, it reached about 51 billion won, which had a great effect on future sales. The item with the largest purchase intention is the LM system, which is about 13.7 billion won, and each of the transfer robots and UR&IoT prediction detection devices is about 11 billion won. Despite the unfavorable location of the exhibition hall, this exhibition was visited by many customers through SNS events, and despite being the first exhibition to participate, we were able to enjoy sufficient promotional effects for many visitors and especially 50% non-recognition customers. We were able to improve the recognition of the logistics transfer system and vision inspection system applicable to secondary batteries, and in particular, we increased the recognition of IoT Omni Edge and confirmed the response of customers. This year's exhibition has been expanded 1.5 times larger than this one, and we have decided to participate. We hope that the Inter-Battery exhibition will continue to become the world's best battery exhibition.


We are the only companies participating in the Interbattery 2023 exhibition to submit a smart factory solution specialized in the secondary battery industry. Through Interbattery, Korea's largest secondary battery exhibition, it was an opportunity to meet our existing customers, industry officials, and potential investors on the spot, and I think it was an opportunity to promote the company well to the industry. In particular, as the secondary battery market exploded, cell and material companies are expanding their production capabilities, and it was an exhibition that introduced our solution, an alternative to improving yield, which has been a long-standing concern for the industry. I think it was a meaningful participation that could expect meaningful results, such as inquiries from various companies after the exhibition. A total of 250 visitors visited the booth, and it is expected that there will be about two to three specific contracts after this exhibition. We have continued to participate since 2022. We will also participate in the upcoming 2024 Interbattery exhibition. In the future, I hope it will be reborn as a global exhibition that can quickly check the technology and trends of the secondary battery industry.

TDL Co., Ltd.

TDL Co., Ltd. has prepared a venue for displaying its all-solid-state battery modules, and by participating in the Interbattery 2023 exhibition, we were able to share information and various technologies related to various secondary batteries with domestic and foreign companies. In addition, we have received more visitors and inquiries than Interbattery 2022, which resulted in a lot of achievements compared to 2022. TDL Co., Ltd. hopes that the upcoming Interbattery 2024, together with various organizations and companies working to develop secondary batteries, will also be successful.


Envision has been steadily participating in the Interbattery exhibition since 2019, and has consistently achieved significant results. At the last exhibition, Envision introduced the No. 1 Area Camera in the field of secondary battery inspection equipment and presented a variety of machine vision imaging solutions, including narrow Roll to Roll equipment inspection solution CIS, battery 3D inspection solution, and cell tracking solution. Envision plans to participate in the Interbattery Exhibition next year and continue to discover new needs through meetings with three battery companies and other machine vision inspection equipment companies. Through this, Envision intends to provide innovative machine vision imaging solutions that meet the needs of the industry and provide optimal solutions to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

dSPACE Korea

The Interbattery Exhibition is a venue to introduce the latest technologies in the battery industry, and many people showed interest in the various simulation and verification solutions needed to develop batteries at our booth. Visitors to the booth were satisfied by introducing in detail various simulation methods such as hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and software-in-the-loop (SIL) tests to develop and verify battery management systems (BMSs) that are essential for the safe driving of electric vehicles. In the future, Interbattery will continue to be an event where you can understand technology trends and market trends across the industry directly or indirectly related to secondary batteries.


Hubis is a company that provides laser solutions for the manufacturing process of core components (batteries, motors, and inverters) of electric vehicles, and has participated in Interbatteries for five consecutive times. The number of people visiting our booth for Interbatteries has increased steadily every year, and this year, more than twice the number of visitors have visited compared to last year. When we first participated in the event, we participated in a small scale, but this exhibition is especially special because we have grown together with the growth of interbatteries. We are always grateful to Interbatteries for creating many opportunities and achievements for us, and we hope that it will be reborn as the largest global exhibition that contributes to the revitalization of the secondary battery industry and network construction. Next year, if there is an event that will be held not only in Europe but also in other countries, I would like to participate. I am proud and looking forward to the rapid growth of interbatteries in the future along with the electric vehicle/battery industry.

Spraying Systems Co.

It is the world's most popular secondary battery market, so many buyers visited it compared to other exhibitions that participated this year. It was an exhibition to promote which applications our products can be applied to secondary batteries, but rather, I think we had time to check new market opportunities and learn more technically by talking with various visitors. Since it is a foreign company, we only sell in Korea, but thanks to the visit of various foreign buyers, we had many opportunities to introduce overseas branches. In the future, we are very interested in the secondary battery industry and are considering continuing to participate internally.