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  • [Room 401] Track T(main) : Market Trend & Insight
  • 3/6
    11:00-11:05(5') Greeting KBIA
    11:05-11:45(40') Plenary Session Professor Ryoji Kanno
    11:45-12:25(40') Plenary Session Professor Hee-Tak Kim
    LUNCH (12:30-13:30)
    Global Battery/EV/ESS Trend and Outlook
    13:30-14:00(30') TBD TBD
    14:00-14:30(30') TBD TBD
    14:30-15:00(30') TBD TBD
    15:30-16:00(30') TBD TBD
    BREAK TIME (16:00-16:30)
    International Battery Market Trends and Policies
    16:30-16:50(20') K-Battery Market Trends and Policies KEIT
    Battery PD Jeong-Doo Yi
    16:50-17:10(20') U.S Battery Market Trends and Policies TBD
    17:10-17:30(20') EU Battery Market Trends and Policies RECHARGE
    Dr. Claude Chanson, General Manager
    17:30-17:50(20') Japanese Battery Market Trends and Policies BASC
    Suzuki Kazuhiro
    10:00-10:05 Greeting KBIA
    10:05-10:45(40') TBD LG Energy Solution
    10:45-11:25(40') Battery Devolpment Strategy for EV Samsung SDI
    Stella Joo-Young Go, Executive Vice President
    11:25-12:05(40') Form Factors and Chemistries of LIB for EV Applications SKon
    Jon-Ha Lee, Vice President
    LUNCH (12:10-13:10)
    Understanding Global Battery Regulation at a Glance
    13:10-13:40(30') TBD Yulchon LLC
    Yong-Whan Choi, Partner
    Joo-Hyun Park, Associate
    Dear Su-min Yi, Associate
    13:40-14:10(30') TBD Lee & Ko
    Jung-Hyun Park
    BREAK TIME (14:10-14:40)
    Battery of Things
    14:40-15:10(30') TBD TBD
    15:10-15:40(30') TBD TBD
    15:40-16:10(30') TBD TBD