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  • [Room 402] Track B : Materials
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    Current Status and Outlooks of Electrolyte and Separator Technology Development
    13:00-13:30(30') Dry battery electrode coating with DRYtraec® for lithium-ion and solid-state batteries Fraunhofer IWS
    Dr. rer. nat. Benjamin Schumm
    13:30-14:00(30') TBD TBD
    14:00-14:30(30') Current Status and Prospects in Development of Solid Electrolytes Yonsei University
    Professor Yoon-Seok Jung
    14:30-15:00(30') Outlook for Separator Technology TBD
    BREAK TIME (15:00-15:30)
    Anode Technology Development
    15:30-16:00(30') Current Status and Prospects of Carbon Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Battery Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology
    Principal Researcher Ji-Sun Im
    16:00-16:30(30') Current status and outlook for development of silicon anode materials Daejoo Electronic Materials.Co Marketing Director Dae-woon Park
    16:30-17:00(30') Current Status and Prospects of Anodes for Next-Generation All-Solid-State Batteries Seoul National University
    Associate Professor Jong-woo Lim
    Cathode Technology Development
    13:00-13:30(30') Current Status and Outlook of Cathode Materials Development Posco Future M
    Ph.D Jeong-Han Kim
    13:30-14:00(30') Development status for anode dry electrodes KOREA INSTITUTE OF ENERGY RESEARCH
    Ph.D Jin-soo Kim
    14:00-14:30(30') TBD TBD
    BREAK TIME (14:30-15:00)
    Next-Generation Battery Materials Development
    15:00-15:30(30') Understanding Na-ion battery and market developments IDTechEx Research
    Reserch Director
    Dr. Alex Holland
    15:30-16:00(30') Current Status for development of lithium-sulfur battery materials Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT)
    Ph.D Jungdon Suk
    16:00-16:30(30') Current status and development of solid electrolytes for all-solid-state batteries Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI)
    Ph.D. Yoon-Cheol Ha
    16:30-17:00(30') Current status and Outlook of Development in Next-Generation Battery Materials Korea Electronics Technology Institute
    Ph.D Ji-Sang Yu