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  • [Room 300] Track C : Mineral/Recycling/Equipment
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    Technology for Battery Minerals
    13:00-13:30(30') Direct Aluminate Precipiation technology for recoverying Li2CO3 from Lithium Brine Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
    Dr. In-Su Park
    13:30-14:00(30') The Past, Present and Future of HPAL Technology Office SHINSOUAN Co.,Ltd
    CEO Naoyuki Tsuchida
    14:00-14:30(30') TBD TBD
    14:30-15:00(30') Revolutionizing Nickel Extracgtion: Pioneering and Efficient Modular, Digitalized, Sustainable Process Trinitan Green Energy Metal(TGEM)
    Head of Corporate Finance, Romy Ramadhani
    BREAK TIME (15:00-15:30)
    15:30-16:00(30') TECH Project: Gold Standard for Sustainable Nickel Production Queensland Pacific Metals
    Managing Director and CEO, Dr Stephen Grocottof
    16:00-16:30(30') Developmemt of high purity graphite production technology for anode materials Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
    Dr. Joobeom Seo
    Smart Factory Technologies for Improving Battery Production Efficiency
    16:30-17:00(30') TBD Schneider Electric
    17:00-17:30(30') Smart Conveyance System Incorporating Digital Twin Technology Rockwell Automation
    Global Business Manager ICT, Michaela Kaufmann
    Technology for Battery Manufacturing/Inspection equipment
    13:00-13:30(30') TBD TBD
    13:30-14:00(30') Laser technology: Key enabler for battery manufacturing today and beyond Trumpf
    Director of Global Business Development, Johannes Buehrle
    14:00-14:30(30') In-Line CT Technology and Battery SFA
    Head of R&D Group
    Kyo-Won Choi
    BREAK TIME (14:30-15:00)
    Current Status of "Used Battery Reuse Technology Development"
    15:00-15:30(30') TBD TBD
    15:30-16:00(30') Software Testing Method in Korea Certification for Repurposing Batteries Korea Testing Laboratory(KTL)
    Center Leader, Jae-beom Jung
    16:00-16:30(30') Technology and Economic Feasibility of ESS Using Used Batteries pmgrow
    Senior Director, Young-Jun Choi
    Current Status of Used Battery Recycle Development
    16:30-17:00(30') Status of Li-ion battery recycling technology and introduction of new technologies SungEel HiTech
    17:00-17:30(30') Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling"Hydro-to-Cathode" Ascend Elements
    Director of Asia Partnership, David Jang
    17:30-18:00(30') Issues in the Current Battery Recycling Technology and Development of Eco-Friendly Technology Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER)
    Chief of Center, Jung-Je Woo