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  • [Room 327] Track NEXT : Academic
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    Next-Generation Battery Technology Ⅰ
    13:00-13:30(30') Driving Innovation: Strengthening the Future of Electric Vehicles through US-Korea Collaboration in Advanced Battery Technologies Factorial Energy
    CTO & Founder
    Dr. Alex Yu
    13:30-14:00(30') Hydro-Quebec’s journey for practical solid-state batteries for EV applications Hydro-Quebec
    Dr. Chisu Kim
    14:00-14:30(30') Building a Mine-to-Men Li-Metal Battery Superintelligence System for Urban Air Mobility SES AI
    CEO Qichao Hu
    BREAK TIME (14:30-15:00)
    15:00-15:30(30') Rethinking “Native” Challenges: Attaining Spatial and Temporal Uniformity of Interfacial Evolution across Li-metal Batteries DGIST
    Associate Professor
    Hongkyung Lee
    15:30-16:00(30') Sulfide based all-solid-state battery : Technical issues & research trend Korea Electronics Technology Institute
    Chief Researcher
    Woo-suk Cho
    16:00-16:30(30') Exploring phase-separated polymer electrolytes for high-energy lithium metal batteries Kyung Hee University
    Assistant Professor
    Michael J. Lee
    16:30-17:00(30') Research Strategies to Develop Catalyst Materials and Systems for High Energy Lithium Air-Breathing Batteries Sookmyung Women's University
    Associate Professor
    Won-Hee Ryu
    Next-Generation Battery TechnologyⅡ
    13:00-13:30(30') Current Status and Prospects for Lithium/sulfur and sodium/sulfur battery Gyeongsang National University
    Hyo-Jun Ahn
    13:30-14:00(30') High-performance cathode materials for Na-ion batteries Sungkyunkwan University
    Associate Professor
    Jong-soon Kim
    14:00-14:30(30') Beyond Li-ion batteries: Reversible Mg-metal battery technologies Hanyang University
    Associate Professor
    Hee-Dae Lim
    BREAK TIME (14:30-15:00)
    15:00-15:30(30') Investigating structure-performance correlation of rechargeable battery materials using synchrotron x-ray analyses Dongguk University
    Kyung-Wan Nam
    15:30-16:00(30') State of health software technology for (used) batteries Kyung Hee University
    Assistant Professor
    Du-ho Kim
    16:00-16:30(30') Digital Twin Battery Modeling for Next Generation Batteries Yonsei University
    Yong-Min LEE